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Stronger Than Hate.
Stronger Than Fear.
Stronger Than the Status Quo.

A collective of political strategists, committed to majority women-led,

women-owned operations. Experienced, diverse political professionals who can build and execute successful campaigns.

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My 2020 mantra became, "Stronger than yesterday." Between some hard lessons learned, virtual teaching 7- and 9-year-old boys, and being homebound and filming clients remotely out of concern for the health of my pod, this year was a rough one. But every time I worked with awesome people to do good, I felt we really can change the world. Out of difficulty, Stronger Than Communications was born.

Kelly Grace Gibson, Seeking Collective Progress


After more than 15 years in Washington doing lots of communications work, I have met so many people who are good at their jobs, interested in being change makers, and committed to helping our country thrive. I think it's time we had a chance to work with bigger teams and more diverse thinkers, and not be afraid to embrace innovation. More people doesn't mean more competition, it means more success. And I want to do it with big thinkers -- and lots of women. 

We work together on a project-to-project basis. This way the team is built on ability and voice, and the client can be assured they get all the services they need for success.


The collective is fluid. It will grow and shrink. Reach out if interested.

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