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With over 30 years of experience, over 100 candidates and campaigns, and a shared like-mindedness about the typical approach of the  media industry, Kelly Gibson and Yates Baroody knew that together, they could be stronger than the rest.

Founded by Kelly Gibson in 2020, Stronger Than Communications was born out of Kelly’s mantra that everyday she needed to be “stronger than yesterday.” 

STC is a political communications shop, focusing on paid media and strategic communications. Since its founding, the firm has protected women’s access to abortion, passed Medicaid expansion and fought for police reform. We have flipped Republican seats and made women's political history. We've built and trained Democratic branding efforts - worked with countless candidates up and down the ballot and fought in the trenches with amazing folks to advance Democratic causes. 


Kelly and Yates know strong campaigns come from not only strong candidates, but strong teams. Teams who bring an experienced, innovative, hands-on approach that both Kelly and Yates bring to every candidate and cause.


Both believers that more women should be telling women's stories, Kelly and Yates have walked the walk in electing women up and down the ballot, from coast to coast, and everywhere in between.

More, women make up the majority of the electorate across this country - we know how to talk to them so they listen, care and vote. 


Knowing that they’ve been able to do so in large part to so many amazing and talented colleagues along the way, the Stronger Than Collective was born.


By partnering with other women-owned, women-led businesses, Stronger Than can help bring other experienced, diverse political professionals together, making us all stronger together.


Political Media

At STC we know that strong and effective communication strategies require more than just a good story. Those stories need to be catered to and able to reach the right audience.


This is the challenge in today’s ever-evolving media landscape. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to political communication, and crafting the best media plan for a budget involves innovative approaches to data and targeting, and individualized creative to most effectively serve the audiences we are trying to reach. 


Yes we make great ads, but we make great ads and craft media strategies that win campaigns.


Working With the Best

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STC in Action

The Collective

After nearly 20 years in Washington doing lots of communications work, we have met so many people who are good at their jobs, interested in being change makers, and committed to helping our country thrive. We believe it's time we had a chance to work with bigger teams and more diverse thinkers, and not be afraid to embrace innovation. More people doesn't mean more competition, it means more success. And we want to do it with big thinkers -- and lots of women. 

We work together on a project-to-project basis. This way the team is built on ability and voice, and the client can be assured they get all the services they need for success. 

The Stronger Than collective is full of hustle and heart. The collective is fluid. It will grow and shrink. Reach out if interested.



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