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Kelly Grace Gibson

Kelly Grace Gibson is known as an innovative and entrepreneurial political strategist with 20 years of experience directing multi-pronged communications and persuasion programs. She’s a media powerhouse, devising tailored strategies, producing unforgettable ads, and directing omnichannel campaigns for candidates, committees, nonprofits, and unions. As one of the few tried and tested women in media consulting, she has worked to bring more equity to the profession, building success by elevating the voices and perspectives of women in American politics. 


This drive was the inspiration behind the launch of Stronger Than Communications, a first-of-its kind political consultancy that has already chalked up historical wins for Democrats and our democracy.

Kelly is in her element on set and in the situation room, helping campaigns win at every level. Her sweet spot is creating ads that reveal a candidate’s true character to voters and that speak directly to their most closely-held values. With a keen eye on the latest trends and technologies, Kelly understands that communicating a compelling and cohesive narrative is part of our daily life, not just an election season. She understands that how, when, and where we talk to Americans about our democracy can draw voters together around the hope we hold as our North Star and deliver wins for Democratic candidates and causes.  


In pursuit of her mission to combat gender inequality in politics and public life, Kelly has sponsored and trained young women to run for office as a member of the Advisory Board of Running Start. As an Executive Committee board member of the American Association of Political Consultants, she works to amplify the input of women on professional panels, boards, and conferences. She serves on faculty at the Campaign School at Yale, making sure strong candidates are ready to serve.


Kelly was honored with a Rising Star Award in 2014 by Campaigns & Elections and was named one of the AAPC’s 40 Under 40 in 2016. She lands a punch on Fox News every now again, because you never know where you will win a vote.


Kelly lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with her two boys, and her forever partner Caleb. Originally from Buffalo, she is undyingly #BillsMafia and brings that level of table-breaking fandom to her kids' sporting events -- much to their embarrassment. 

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