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Collectively we are stronger than yesterday. We seek progress and innovation. We do not work together exclusively, we work together when it makes sense for the client. We push boundaries, amplify good ideas, and create a better American tomorrow. We partner on a project basis to make sure the right person is on every job. 

Emily Gallagher

FishTown Films

Emily is an artist who creates compelling stories that change hearts and mind. A Director of Photography, sound operator, editor, and small business owner, not to mention the creator of the first zero waste film production in this country's history. 

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Domonique James

Politics With Purpose

Domonique is the go-to political and communications strategist for leaders who are sick and tired of a bandaid approach to progress. With a speciality in digital impact communications, Domonique understands how to connect with voters to disrupt the status quo. 

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Kelly Grace Gibson

Stronger Than Comms

Kelly always said, if she didn't work in progressive communications, she would be an anthropologist, knowing full well she has no idea what they do! Kelly loves this work and has succeeded in this because of the people. She is committed to understand them, and works to improve the lives of every day Americans. While doing her best as wife and mother. 

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Sage Media

The media planning, placement, and tracking world can be complicated and tough to navigate but Sage cuts through the jargon and gives it to you straight. They work with you to tailor layered media plans and provide cutting edge competitive resources through their media tracking platform, InsideTrack™. With this smart, experienced team, there is nowhere else you should wire six figures.

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Erin McPike

SWAN Strategies

Erin is the kind of woman you want on speed dial, she can whip support on Twitter or drop a tip to a reporter on a moment's notice. A veteran political journalist and analyst with experience breaking news on three presidential elections and dozens of gubernatorial and congressional elections at the national level, and she has appeared across all the major networks thousands of times. 

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Becca Slutzky


Becca will elevate your email fundraising program to unexpected heights. A political veteran and entrepreneur, her firm was founded on the simple premise that ‘words matter.’ Let the writers write, artists create, and watch the quality (and donations) soar!

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Krista Hamar
Sharp Society, LLC

You can't have a successful operation, or shop unless you have a detail person. A woman who dots every i, and crosses every t, and then checks it all again. Krista makes sure all the logistics run smoothly so the strategy and creative can soar. 


Katie Hill


Katie Hill wasn't yet 30 when she embarked on her run for Congress. By 31, she had not only flipped a historically republican Congressional seat but had become a member of Congressional Leadership and was widely considered one of the Democratic Party's brightest rising star. She founded HER Time PAC, a political action committee supporting women and young people running for office and advocating for policies that uniquely impact women.

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