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Financial Technology Entrepreneurs Need a Message Too

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

A precise, and thoughtful message is an essential part of marketing, but for start-up companies this process often gets set aside while dealing with the many challenges of developing a product and growing a business. Members of the STC collective were brought in by the Financial Health Network, formerly known as the Center for Financial Solutions Innovation, to arm a group of six financial tech start-up companies with a DIY set of communications and messaging tools.

The key to a successful communications strategy for this cohort members was multi-pronged and dynamic:

1. Take the time to learn about each company, and their unique stories.

2. Talk to each founder, understand their voice and purpose.

3. Create the base of a message that both articulates the complexity of the product, but also makes it easy to understand by everyday people.

4. Create a plan and structure to integrate the message into every aspect of consumer outreach.

A well-developed message helps all communications, from Tweets to investor meetings, keeps your entity on brand, and boosts brand recall.

After initial strategy was established and agreed upon, there were bi-monthly check ins, customized for the needs of each individual company. For some it was practicing talking about their company with the message toolkit we created, for others it was reviewing websites and social strategies, or even prepping for investor pitches.

All of these things require attention to message detail. A comprehensive approach to understanding, respecting and prioritizing message is foundational to the success of any entity, and Kelly Gibson has applied these strategies across industries for tiny start-ups and huge corporations alike.

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