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Yates Baroody

Yates Baroody is an ad maker and veteran political strategist with plenty of stories to tell.
While serving in senior roles at the DCCC, DSCC, and EMILY’s List, Yates spent over a decade advising dozens of candidates and campaigns across the country,

This led her to a very stark realization - there needed to be more women telling not just women’s - but ALL candidates’ stories.


In an industry very much dominated by a few good men, Yates purposely set out to learn from one of the few women-owned media firms, A|L Media. Yates credits A|L co-founder, Ann Liston with teaching her how to not only make ads, but claim her seat at the table of a campaign team.

And Yates certainly pulled right up. During her time at A|L, Yates worked on the paid media and digital strategy teams for the DNC, Women VOTE!, House Majority PAC, Jaime Harrison for U.S. Senate, Persist PAC, and over a dozen U.S House and State House races across the country.


In 2022, Yates partnered with a handful of other media firms on both congressional and statewide races from Georgia to Wisconsin to Iowa to California.


One of those partners was Kelly Gibson, whose work-ethic, dedication, and thoughtful approach to her work was simply stronger than any other political strategist with whom she’d ever worked.


The rest, as one might say, is history.

Or will be…


A native of South Carolina, Yates prides herself as being uniquely aware of the challenges that candidates and campaigns face outside of the DC bubble. She brings a candor and commitment that could arguably only come from a Democrat born and raised in the South, and a perspective and insider knowledge that living in DC for 20 years affords someone.

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